The Ultimate Importance of Phone Calls for Businesses and Why We Should Track Them

The internet era has made it much easier to track the behavior of an online user with the help of cookies, heat maps and the like. But what about when the customer is on a phone call? In a great marketing campaign, tracking every step of the buyer’s journey contributes to increases in generating quality leads. Most marketing campaigns focus on bringing the lead to a landing webpage, but what happens if they want to connect with a real human being to make a purchase, ask a question or simply setting an appointment? These days everything can be done with a phone call. A doctor’s appointment, loan applications, real estate inquiries, ordering a home repair job, customer care or even lodging a complaint is as simple as picking up the phone and calling the business. This is where Aloware‘s Universal Call Tracking Platform comes into the picture.

According to many recent surveys, most visitors do not have the patience to fill out forms to contribute to the lead strategy. Instead, they directly contact the respective business over a phone call. Employing a Universal Call Tracking solution is like hitting two (or three!) birds with one stone: The initial state of advertising — keywords, campaigns, landing pages, search terms — that generated a call is logged, the resulting call’s data is recorded and saved, and a new lead is acquired.

How Call Tracking Works

Call Tracking is a way of measuring, monitoring and optimizing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign to generate phone calls and prospects. This is done through using one or many unique tracking numbers displayed on a web page (or on the online ad itself, or even on paper) where the underlying call to action is a customer calling the business.

As a definitive method of attribution, implementing Call Tracking leads to marketing effectiveness through comparing different advertising channels; essentially indicating how each channel is appealing to your customer base. The use of unique numbers allows you to gather a lot more data on your prospects, such as their search terms, ads visited, keywords clicked on and even location for national brands.

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Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how call tracking works.

  • A visitor searches for a business’ service online.
  • They see an ad, or organic results, and are directed towards the website.
  • The Call Tracking Service employed by the company on their website generates a unique local or toll-free phone number, tied to that campaign (or even that particular user).
  • When the customer dials this number, advertising data and the call event is captured, synced with Google Analytics and other platforms.
  • Lead is connected to the business and makes a conversation.
  • After which, various data like the keyword used to search for the business, the duration of the call (quality analysis) and their online behavior before and after the call can be tracked.

In a nutshell, call tracking bridges a critical gap in every marketer’s tracking methodology: connecting user’s online behavior with their offline purchase.

What are the benefits of call tracking?

As mentioned above, by using a trackable phone number, we can collect various information about the prospect. Apart from the caller’s details, you learn about which landing page is generating most of the inbound call traffic. If a business is using PPC [pay-per-click] campaigns, the success of the keywords can be measured and metered. Another added benefit is if a company has multiple digital ad campaigns and each of them has their own unique phone number, a detailed comparison of their performance can be performed and analyzed.

Using a Call Tracking service establishes a direct link between the online keywords searched and offline phone calls made. This valuable data can be fed to various analysis models in order to achieve a higher return on ad investment and to increase revenue.


$68 Billion Dollars

is spent annually on advertising with the "only" intention of driving more phone calls. This includes ads in newspapers, radio, TV, and of course on the internet. SMBs account for about 36% of the market.

Supercharge your Back Office Productivity

Tracking calls is only half of the story. Even after knowing the source of their calls, businesses are leaving money on the table by not answering the phone all the time, and not knowing how to close a prospect once they are on the phone with them.

A Universal Call Tracking Platform solves this problem and fills the gap. Nowadays, businesses are using this technology to track their agent/rep performance and tune-up their back office efficiency. Metrics are established and data is gathered for when most of the calls are coming in, which agent/rep is closing more deals, what location is making more sales for national brands, and even what keyword, service or product is being repeatedly mentioned on various calls. The whole process is automatic and does not require any human intervention or customized hardware setup.

According to Google Insights / Forbes Magazine, Phone Calls Have 10x - 15x More Conversion Rate.

Embrace The Rise of Mobile

Furthermore, more and more customers these days are contacting businesses from the palm of their hand via text messages. According to a joint report by Google and BIA / Kelsey, Consumer to Business texting is doubling up every year and has reached 13 BILLION messages in 2018. It is critical for every business to be able to send and receive text messages on the same phone numbers people see on ads. All trackable phone numbers are capable of SMS and MMS by default, hence opening up a whole new channel for businesses and consumers to communicate.

business call tracking report

Data is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Call Tracking help streamline the budget of a business by measuring the ROI to the T. With Aloware, businesses are using an integrated, comprehensive and powerful platform to TRACK their calls, ANALYZE their campaigns, OPTIMIZE their marketing, and ENGAGE with their customers.

For a more in-depth analysis of Call Tracking, please see our article: What Phone Calls Can I Track.

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