Real Estate Section 1: Getting Started

Case in point: A residential real estate company in Los Angeles, CA has an inventory of new apartment units they wish to rent out. LA has a pretty hot rental market, so there is a lot of demand and a good amount of potential tenants that look for listings online. We want to show how Aloware Call Tracking helps this rental agency boost their marketing efforts while improving their customer service and prospect retention. A significant marketing effort for a couple of rental units results in tens or hundreds of calls per day, so embracing new technologies can greatly help in managing the volume.

Knowing that these days, most of the rental search is done online by potential tenants as well as  cruising desired neighborhoods and looking at for rent signs & fliers, and ultimately calling the property managers to ask for availability, a typical rental manager wants to:

  1. Effectively track what listings (Zillow,, Craigslist etc) are receiving more views and generating more calls, and do attribution on those metrics
  2. Hide their personal phone number from the ads
  3. Receive text messages (and reply to them) – knowing that a lot of people text rental managers instead of calling
  4. Be able to distribute the calls to multiple managers and sales agents at the same time (in case of larger property management companies or new building openings)
  5. Track all of their prospects and their conversations in one single location
  6. Actively segment good calls from bad ones, ideally good prospects from irrelevant leads resulting in quickly and painlessly sourcing potential tenants

Aloware makes this all a breeze. In this tutorial, we are going to create a bunch of tracking phone numbers and see how it is done. In the descriptive example below, I’ll wear the hat of a rental manager using Aloware Call Tracking and Analysis Platform.

After logging in to Aloware, I’ll start by creating a new Tracking Number. A number (also called a campaign) is essentially a unique trackable phone number that I want to advertise on an external website (in this case, Zillow,, Craigslist) or on my print media (sign on the building, or fliers), or even on my social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).  

Aloware Call Tracking Dashboard

Next, since I’m going to advertise this listing on Zillow (or other online sources), I’m gonna pick online and then click “on an external website”:

Online or Offline Campaign - Aloware

aloware call tracking campaign creator tool

These steps help Aloware correctly categorize and report the incoming calls.

Now it’s time to name the campaign and tell Aloware how to route the incoming call. Aloware natively supports ringing multiple destinations at once (called SimulDial). I may add additional destination numbers using the form below.

Creating Campaign - Aloware

Make sure to label your campaign and destination numbers as descriptively as possible. These labels will appear on almost every report and will play a big role in analyzing data later on.

Setting Up Destination Number - Aloware

Also, note that this effectively solves our 4th objective from above which was to simultaneously ring all the agency’s phones when a call comes in.

Setting up Multiple Destination Numbers - Aloware

In this example, I’ve only added 2-3 destinations (small office!). But feel free to add up to 100 agents. Think of your “destination numbers” as one or more agents, depending on your local office setup and extensions.

Multiple Destination Numbers - Aloware

Now, our campaign has a name, and a couple destination numbers. It is time to pick the actual number we will be advertising. Aloware automatically uses your destination numbers to guess and find a local phone number for your area. You may also use a toll-free 8XX number.

Picking Tracking Phone Number

Speaking of software-as-a-tool objectives, this resolves our 2nd objective (hiding my own personal phone/cell from the internet and using a disposable tracking number).

Now that we have picked a trackable number, it’s time to configure the call flow. Aloware natively supports the following functions:

  • A greeting message that is played to the caller before the call is connected to the agents. This is a good opportunity to welcome them to your organization and thank them for their call.
  • A whisper message that is played to the agent (destination number) when they pick up the call and before the caller is connected. This is the place to tell them who is calling, what campaign it is, and what property address generated the call.
  • A recording notice that is played to both parties, if you choose to record the call.

Custom Messages Setup Call Tracking

After configuring this (which thankfully comes pretty much preconfigured, point and click) we’re done and the number is ready to take incoming calls.

Finish Setup Call Tracking

There is no further activation period or anything like that. I’m going to simply copy-paste this phone number to my Zillow / / Craigslist listing.

Adding Tracking Phone Number

That was easy! I’m going to create 2-3 more tracking numbers for, Craigslist, and other sources.

Online Listing - Campaigns

Congratulations! You have now properly setup your tracking phone numbers in all of your listings.

In Section 2, we will talk about how you can check the results of all your campaigns when the calls start coming in.

Ready? Let’s go in and learn about how to analyze and dig deeper on the call tracking results.