Real Estate Section 4: Engagement

We’ve reached the last part of the 4-part call tracking tutorial for real estate / rental managers. Section 1 talked about how to prepare and set up your tracking phone numbers. Section 2 showed how you can effectively track what campaigns/listings are generating calls and views. Section 3 talked about the customizing the reports from the campaigns optimizing your campaigns. Here, we will talk about engaging your customers through the use of text messaging.

In this day and age, text messaging plays a great role in customer acquisition and services. Aloware’s Contact Center acts as a central place for all your communication needs, including SMS.

Each lead is automatically added to the Contact Center and we will extract as much information available from their phone number and conversations.

Aloware Call Tracking Tutorial Engagement Tool

When reaching out to prospects, its very important to know their first point of contact which, in this case, is Zillow identified at the top right corner.

Besides, in case of repeat customers you and your agents want to view a detailed list of communications with a prospect, along with their notes, tags, and interaction times:

Aloware Call Tracking Tutorial Call & SMS History

This information is important to businesses that value prospect retention and require multiple conversations before a sale is done or a conversion is performed. Through tags, you can also identify the point of purchase, which greatly helps in future analytics.

Finally, Aloware natively supports SMS on all of its trackable phone numbers (and you can even bring your own business numbers to the platform). With bi-directional SMS through our Contact Center, you can empower your staff and open a new channel to talk to your customers. In certain industries (rental homes in our example) text messages are even more important because leads tend to ask quick questions and need near-immediate answers.

Aloware Call Tracking Tutorial Business Messaging Tool


Final Notes

In the beginning, we defined a few objective as what we expect from a powerful call tracking solution.  Let’s do a quick review and see what we’ve learned and how Aloware met all those requirements. As we discussed, data-driven marketers and result-oriented businesses want to:

  1. Effectively track all their ads/listings for call volume and lead quality, which Aloware made possible through various reports
  2. Hide their personal phone number from those ads, done through Incoming Number selection
  3. Receive text messages (and reply to them) by means of Aloware’s powerful Contact Center
  4. Be able to distribute the calls to multiple sales agents at the same time by adding multiple destinations and SimulDial
  5. Track all of their prospects and their conversations in one single location via Call Log Tables and Call Report Filters
  6. Perform segmentation on calls based on the quality of the prospects and other factors, using tags as a free-form way of labeling and identifying leads.

That’s it! Thank you for reading this tutorial. Go on and start using Aloware to your real estate firm. You’ll be surprised how helpful it will be for your business and how it will increase your marketing ROI [return on investment].

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