Track Every Phone Call

First, a Preface

In order for a company to survive the competition, it needs to know the proper allocation of its marketing investment, as well as understanding that investments’ outcomes. For example, a digital marketer should understand the importance of investing in marketing campaigns that produce the most conversions, and be able to prove that increasing the budget on those specific campaigns can also increase the existing ROI. One of the core features of call tracking systems such as Aloware is its ability to track everything – from online ads to landing pages to old-school print media – that generate the most calls. Call tracking is used by most corporate giants in order to pinpoint the marketing channel their customers are calling from, which keyword they searched, and what ad made them call.

Track every phone call with Aloware Call Tracking Software

Every company needs to have a full 360-degree view of all their marketing efforts. However, some companies don’t feel like tracking their calls is as important as other metrics because they think that it might be too costly, or that they don’t need it. They don’t realize the importance of how calls drive sales and revenue to their businesses.

With the rise of smartphones and its effects on consumer behavior, it is critical for any company to analyze the connection between their marketing efforts and the calls they receive.

Mobile phones are increasingly being used more than the old-school desktop computers to browse and search for information, and consumers tend to click on an ad and call when they see something they want to purchase or ask about services they need. BIA/Kelsey predicts that by 2019, mobile phones will drive 162 Billion calls to US businesses.

Dynamic Number Insertion: Paid Ads, Social Media Referrals, Landing Pages

Aloware can automatically show the right tracking number to specified targeted audiences when they are on your website. Each number is its own tracker depending on how you set them up. Moreover, Aloware has a large inventory of local and toll-free phone numbers to choose from.

When you set up a tracker, you specify what marketing channel it has to track. This can range from Facebook Referral (example below) to Google PPC (Adwords). For advanced users, Aloware is also able to track custom utm tags.

Aloware Tracker Tool for Call Tracking

What happens when the customer comes back?

The tracking phone number sticks to a user’s visit sessions, ensuring that the same user coming from a different channel (for example, someone who came through Paid Search and then revisited from Facebook Retargeting) always sees the same dynamic number each time they subsequently come back to your website. With this feature, your brand stays consistent you may track each step of the customer’s journey.

So one more time, how is this information help me generate more revenue?

This feature allows the marketer or the person handling call tracking data to see which online ad campaigns are most likely to convert into calls. Armed with this info, you can easily figure out what campaigns to invest more on. Aloware Call Tracking allows you to make smarter decisions and it also helps you be more effective and efficient in creating marketing campaigns.

Aloware’s Smart Reports tool gives you an overview of the results of all the campaigns you are tracking. You have the options to customize the reports according to your preference and the information you need. It can provide data for a specific timeframe (year, month, week, or a custom date), time of the call, the number of callers, missed calls, conversions, and other relevant information.

Aloware Call Tracking Report Tool

Static Numbers: Print Media, Mail and Radio/TV ads

Digital marketing has definitely boomed these days. However, it does not mean that you should forget about offline marketing. There are still so much you can do in the real world that would give your brand a boost. It helps you support your online presence, increase your traffic and generate more revenue.

Call tracking helps you fully recognize the effect of your offline campaigns in your marketing strategy. Once you get a full picture of the effectiveness of your offline and online marketing campaigns, you can easily tune your campaigns and allocate your budget accordingly.    

Aloware by default supports offline marketing campaigns. Simply pick a local or toll-free number for your ad, and insert it into your radio script, newspaper ad or mail print. Aloware will track all the calls to that number and route them to your office line. This is very useful for when you have geographically distributed fixed marketing channels (such as large banners across town, or radio ads across a State).

After the call tracking numbers have all been set up, you can now start tracking your campaigns. The data will automatically appear in your report dashboard and you can begin checking which campaign is converting into leads & new customers.

How conversations turn into conversions

Once you know which ads, landing pages, contact forms, or buttons led the customer to make the phone call, you’ll be able to have a better idea where to invest in. Conversions are the most important metric in your marketing campaigns, which is why it’s important for you to determine where the calls are coming from. Aloware, as a leading call tracking system, simply makes a digital marketer’s life easier with its built-in features and user-friendly interface.

Did you know?

One of the driving forces behind the growing importance of calls as currency is the growing sophistication of call analytics, to measure call quality and gain strategic insights from call data. Get Aloware today and start tracking your calls.