How to Integrate

In this digital age, a lot of digital opportunities keep popping up here and there that show and analyze the results of a marketing campaign. There are many tools available to track your online landing pages, social media campaigns, and web presence and what actually converted. 

However, until more recently, however, one thing that proved difficult for digital marketers to figure out was the analysis and quantification of customer behavior for phone calls coming from advertisements. It involved setting up complex phone hardware, paying for multiple lines and sometimes setting up in-house infrastructure.

Now, with the advent of cloud Call Tracking software, it’s now possible to track every phone call and get an in-depth analysis of the inbound calls made to the business.  

integrate call tracking - online or offline campaigns - with Aloware

Where should I integrate Aloware?

The simple answer is that you can integrate Aloware everywhere!

On your website, online listings, print media, radio ads, TV, everywhere. Aloware is cloud-based, elastic and scales with your marketing growth. For an in-depth review of different marketing channels, please read our article “What Phone Calls Can I track“.

How hard is it to integrate Aloware on my website?

Integrating Aloware Dynamic Number Insertion into your website is painless and does not need a developer. A one-line snippet is provided and can be installed by copying the JavaScript line to your website’s header section. It’s a step that even people with no experience with web development can easily do. Once the JavaScript has been installed, Aloware will be able to detect the source that the customer is coming from. Aloware powerful DNI  technology [Dynamic Number Insersion] is then change all phone numbers on the website automatically to your tracking number so you’ll be able to track which of the sources are converting into making an actual phone call.

call tracking script for Aloware
call tracking script for Aloware

Where do the calls go?

When you set up a phone tracker, your calls to that number are automatically tagged, recorded and routed to the destination number you pick. This destination is usually your office line, sales floor line, or call center operation line. Aloware natively supports SimulRing, the ability to call all those destinations at the same time.

Aloware Call Tracking Setup Tool

What is being tracked, exactly?

Aloware can track which ad or referral lead the customer to a certain landing page, to determine which campaigns convert into phone calls the most. This is done by replacing all of the phone numbers displayed on site (sliders, text, buttons, forms, everywhere!) with the “tracked number". You can even configure Aloware to do this for mobile users only or both desktop and mobile users. 

When a phone number is replaced, and when the visitor places a call to that number, Aloware captures, tags and correlates the call to its source and reports on which page they entered and where they picked up the phone and called in. Additionally, you’ll be in the know of the customer’s marketing details (UTMs, keywords) when they first called your business.


What About Outbound Integration?

As a marketer, you use a ton of tools daily to do your attribution and performance analysis. Aloware easily integrates with the popular systems marketers use today and posts call data automatically. Currently, Aloware supports pushing data to the following platforms:

  • Google Analytics (everything)
  • Google Adwords (for conversions)
  • Facebook Ads (for conversions)
  • Pipedrive (everything)
  • Salesforce CRM (everything)
  • Zapier(everything)

The Google Analytics integration is much more sophisticated. Aloware can capture the GA cookie and relate the call with that specific user’s behavior. We call this “Visitor Tracking".

Did you know?

Calls are the new currency! BIA/Kelsey projects that by 2020, 169 billion mobile calls to businesses driven by smartphone penetration, high commercial intent, and the natural handoff between mobile engagement and phone calls (i.e., Google “call” buttons). Get Aloware today and start tracking your calls.