Call Tracking For Real Estate Brokers and Rental Agents

Call Tracking for Real Estate

Currently, there are over 86,000 brokerage firms and about 2 million active real estate licensees all over the United States. With the ever-increasing demand for new homes, it is essential for any real estate brokerage to understand their clients’ behavior and see where their leads are coming from.

More than ever, buyers are more likely to check listings on the internet first before contacting a real estate agent. Traditional marketing efforts do still drive sales, but to be a fully effective real estate firm, you should take into consideration how technology has changed the way people buy homes.

Understanding what listings your customers are calling from, where it be from online listings, paid Facebook ads, magazines or direct mail, is crucially important. Moreover, in light of that knowledge, it is imperative to invest in the right marketing channel where you get most of your leads from.

That’s where Aloware comes in. As a universal Call Tracking solution, it provides detailed statistics of every single call and can even help understand the cost of acquiring a new client. This is essential in comparing acquisitions in every advertising channel. For example, a real estate agent publishes a new home he/she is selling on Zillow,, and Craigslist and aims to measure what ads he gets more leads from. Using Aloware, he places different unique tracking numbers on each ad channel (online, newspaper ads and direct mail).

Note: We have covered a complete step-by-step analysis of this in the following article “Real Estate / Rental Manager Tutorial".

Since Aloware logs each call and correlates it with its source, the agent is now able to learn which advertisement is giving him the best lead quality and the effectiveness of each ad.

So now, when a prospect calls, the agent is able to immediately tell which ad the caller came through by virtue of the whisper message. Furthermore, thanks to Aloware’s live logs, the whole team can see the flow of the call in real time. Armed with this information, the agent definitely has an idea on how to handle and assist the call properly.

Aloware greatly enhances the call journey for your leads. When they call, Aloware can ring your mobile, office, and partner agent simultaneously. The app also stores the phone number, time of the call, caller ID and other relevant information about the callers so you can always get back to them.

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Additionally, Aloware provides you a dashboard with reports on your ROI [return on investment] for each of your ads. It makes your life easier to know which one is working the best for you and which one is just a budget drain.

But what about giving a quality service to your leads by sending them a follow-up SMS?! By default, Aloware enables you to send and receive text messages right from the app. This is beneficial for your firm in the way that when your leads are not able to answer your calls, you can just send them a quick message to let them know that you’re still here for them on their journey to buying a new home.

Give Aloware a try today and test it out for yourself. See how convenient it is for your real estate brokerage to increase marketing ROI, win more leads, make smart decisions and generate more revenue by implementing universal Call Tracking. 

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