Call Tracking for Law Offices & Financing Companies

Google reports that keywords related to law & finance such as “personal injury lawyer” or “home equity line of credit” are the most expensive ones to advertise for. So, if you have a law office, you operate a mortgage company, you sell insurance-related products or you are one of the many professional service businesses that greatly rely on incoming calls for sales and revenue, it makes much sense to know exactly where your advertising budget is working and where its not; and what ads are generating the most calls, and how qualified those incoming leads are.

Generally speaking, when it comes to professional services like legal counsel, accounting, or financials, most people still rely on calling personally before hiring a professional (such as an attorney or a financial advisor); therefore it is important to find out what ads, social media channels or landing pages are making your phones ring. This is precisely where Aloware universal Call Tracking comes in handy. It helps you effectively track where exactly your leads found your firm and it allows you to determine which marketing effort has the greatest potential – to spend more of your budget on and produce better revenue. 

Aloware is an essential Call Tracking platform that helps you track the ROI [return on investment] of your marketing efforts. By assigning unique phone numbers on different marketing channels – e.g. pay-per-click, magazines, forums, billboards or radio ads – you will know EXACTLY what channel brought the call in, and whether spending more on this particular advert is justified.

Knowing that creating ads for the law and finance industry is pretty expensive, you need to spend your marketing budget wisely and avoid wasting your money on ads that do not pay off. Using Aloware‘s Smart Reports, we can help you make better choices on your ad spending – down to the keyword-level.

You can assign unique phone numbers per ad channel that will help you determine which ads are raking in more calls & leads. With all this data gathered, Aloware automatically prepares a report where you can see an overview of how all your campaigns are going.

In addition, using the Smart Report Tool, you may see the exact cost of acquisition per lead & which campaign is the most successful for your business. Now that you know what’s happening to your campaigns and how it’s driving leads & sales to your firm, you can allocate your budget accordingly or spend it on the ad channel that’s most beneficial.

Aside from figuring out where your calls came from, our advanced call tracking software stores important call information for each and every call you receive. You may record all of your incoming calls, view the date/time of the call, caller ID, and annotate calls with relevant customer information or internal business notes.  

Moreover, firms can use tags to all calls to determine which services are more in demand and which are not gaining enough attention from the market. You can also learn more about your audience and conduct further study to tweak your campaign as needed through categorizing calls via these custom tags. 

With all the information Aloware provides about your incoming calls and your inbound sales, you can make informed decisions on how you should spend your marketing budget and increase your marketing ROI. Give universal Call Tracking a try today and see for yourself! 

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