Call Tracking for Auto Dealers and Repair Services

When it comes to buying cars & repairing them, the calling up a local dealer, a mechanic or a body shop still plays a huge role. 

Shopping for cars has definitely evolved over the years thanks to technology. In fact, 83% of buyers research the car they are eyeing online before going to any dealerships. Traditional efforts like walk-ins & offline marketing like radio, TV and magazine ads might still work, but it’s important for any auto dealership & services shop to take advantage of the internet and expand their online presence through PPC ads and location-based search apps.

call tracking for auto dealers and repair services by aloware

Auto services & dealers can benefit greatly from integrating Aloware‘s industry-tailored universal Call Tracking solution. Not only can it help you know where your leads are coming from, but it can also help you strategize on how to build a good relationship with your leads and engage your prospects effectively.

Aloware enables you to assign unique tracking phone numbers to each ad or campaign you’re running that in turn helps you track and figure out which marketing efforts, whether it’s an online or offline ad, is delivering calls & generating more leads.    

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Once you know which advertising channel brought them to you, you’ll be able to understand which marketing efforts are driving top engagements and ultimately sales. You may also use this keyword-level tracking information to get a general idea of what your potential customers want and how you interact with them; thus creating a long-lasting relationship between dealers & shoppers.

Most of the time, you’ll have to interact with the shopper more than once, so re-engaging them is key. With Aloware, you can follow up with them through SMS. People don’t always answer calls but they most definitely read their text messages all the time. This particular option can definitely help you build trust with your buyers and drive more engagement with your dealership or auto shop.

Let’s say that I am an auto dealer and I want to touch base with the leads that have called me previously. I can quickly send them an SMS using the call tracking platform. All phone numbers in Aloware have the capability to receive and send text messages.    

Besides being a powerful tracking tool, with Aloware you can record all of your incoming calls & conversations to later listen to and verify the quality of your staff conversations and how your reps are responding. This ensures you that your staff is utilizing the best practices in handling your new or recurring leads. Leave individual notes & additional information on each lead or prospect so next time they call, anyone can answer their inquiries the best they can, as fast as they can.

Lastly, Aloware provides you real-time data which you can analyze to help you make better decisions on your marketing efforts. You can spend your marketing budget on those ad channels that drive you more qualified leads or spend it on training your staff to optimize lead conversion. 

With all the benefits Aloware provide, it’s no doubt that this is a right investment for any auto dealer & repair shop. Try it now and see how it will improve your marketing ROI and sales!

Better Engagement With Your Shoppers

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