Powerful Call Tracking For Marketing Agencies

Professional Marketing Firms, Lead Generators, Affiliate Networks, Pay-per-Call Providers
Easily handle all your clients with one powerful platform. After 5 years of juggling different apps and services to serve our own clients, we have built Aloware with an Agency First approach.

Your Client Only Cares About The Calls

Make those phone ring! — says each and every one of your clients. You create ads, tune campaigns, spend hours on keywords selection – but in the end, your clients only pay attention to their phones ringing. Aloware helps you gather call data, monitor all the inbound calls along with their sources and keywords, ultimately creating a big picture report proving your efforts to your end client.

An Integrated Interface for All your Isolated Client Accounts

Furthermore, while you manage tons of client accounts, it quickly becomes cumbersome to manually juggle between client’s Adwords account, your Analytics account, and yet-another-tracking-app. Aloware Agency Accounts come with unlimited company sub-accounts to help you manage all your clients in one place. All of our metrics are tuned to be sub-account specific, so you never worry about this client’s call data “spilling over" to another.

Ready To Export Everything

Gone are the days of manually copy-pasting data. Everything in Aloware is exportable. Send tables to Excel, CSV or PDF with a simple click. Customize your views to show only what matters. Download the graphs exactly as they look on-page, with high resolution, and put them in your presentations.

To see more examples of our exportable Smart Reports, please see Actionable Analytics.

What About Billing?

All Aloware sub-accounts are billed to the agency owner’s credit card. However, in case you charge your clients on a per-call or per-minute basis, Aloware has built-in agency reports to give you usage details per client. This feature is enabled by default on all agency accounts.

White Label Solution

Some larger agencies with multiple account executives may want to use Aloware as an extension of their own toolset, using the company-wide login credentials [Single Sign-On] and more. We make this easily possible with our White Label Solution. Please contact our Solution Specialists to learn more.

Medical Practices, HIPAA and Advertising Agencies

We do support HIPAA-compliant agencies through a secure, compliant and single-tenant installation. Our call recordings are encrypted and stored on your cloud storage, so even our staff cannot access them. Please contact our Solution Specialists for more information.

Seamless Programmable Integration

Our entire app is built on a versatile, easy-to-use and well-documented API. From call logs to recordings, aggregated reports to actual visual graphs, everything can be seamlessly integrated into your custom CRM solution or web-app with minimal effort. Please contact our Solution Specialists for API access and documentation.

Did you know?

One of the biggest issues facing Marketing Agencies today is that their clients only care about calls, not online visits. Get Aloware Call Tracking today and start proving your results.