Back Office Intelligence

Most call tracking systems focus on features that track the phone calls entrances, the landing pages that led them to make a phone call, or what the customer’s journey was prior to making the phone call. Of course, these are important data to keep track of, but there are other areas that can help you improve your customer acquisition as well.

For companies that provide services and support, Customer Care quality is key. Aloware helps you dive deep into your staff performance by recording the conversation between every staff member and every customer, as well as a rep's or agent's availability during any time period.

This feature is perfect for companies that sell services over the phone or provide a lot of customer support because it enables the company to monitor how conversions are actually being made.

Call Recordings and Conversation-as-data

There are many ways you can improve your customer experience. If your business offers inbound customer support, one way you can improve your customer acquisition is by gathering information regarding what a customer’s actual problem is and what solutions they’re looking for.

Using Aloware as your universal Call Tracking software, you may record every conversation your staff has with a customer. By recording the calls, you are enabling the team to share information. You can then use the recordings to know which areas your support representatives need to improve on, what solutions the customers are looking for, or why the call is not converting into sales, and more. Managers can always listen to call recordings and verify rep performance.

Gathering this data is beneficial to grow and develop your company’s strengths and improve on its weaknesses. After reviewing the recordings, Aloware allows you to leave notes for the representatives who had the conversation with customers. This small but powerful feature lets you share your feedback quickly and easily, so the staff can receive the notes and quickly improve on the issues. 

Last but not least, Aloware natively supports call tags and encourages using them. Tags are powerful tools to segment any lead pool into arbitrary dimensions for further analytics. The tags your reps create or assign here are later used in almost all reports. 

Agent and Rep Performance

Another metric that many business managers look for is their over-all agent availability. Aloware makes this easy by drawing a holistic picture of conversation length, as well as calls time-of-day:

These metrics are useful for businesses that see a seasonal increase in call volume or have set business hours. By knowing when people call during the day, you can optimize your staff's availability to get those calls and free them up when you know not that many calls will be coming in. By being aware of your typical call length, you can segment the long ones and compile a handbook for your staff to reach out to and troubleshoot problems faster. 

Did you know?

Mobile searches have a higher conversion rate in driving calls (57%) compared to desktop searches (7%). It’s simply because mobile users are more ready-to-buy, in the right location and with a device whose core function is to make phone calls. Get Aloware today and start tracking your calls.