Actionable Analytics

Data-Driven Marketing

Whether you are an established company or a new startup; well-collected marketing and conversion data is always your ally in understanding customer behavior for years to come. Well-collected data is everything when it comes to marketing. Thanks to technology, many software tools are created every day to help us get the information we need to understand our customers and push marketing efforts in the right direction. 

Moreover, the accuracy of the data you collect can make or break the whole marketing team. Companies and startups can either choose to crunch the numbers manually or use a software that does the collection and computations for them. Aloware, as a leading universal Call Tracking platform, tracks every inbound call and provides you with Smart Reports that your team can immediately use to get a clearer glance at actionable metrics and make decisions. You don’t have to resort to Excel and create reports manually anymore, leave the technicalities to Aloware! This gives you more time to take action on what matters the most – getting more customers by spending more on where you see results. 

Let Aloware do the Number Crunching

Aloware is marketer-friendly call tracking software with features designed to allow businesses make better and smarter decisions. Your campaign’s effectivity relies heavily on which data you monitor. With Aloware’s Actionable Reports, you immediately start focusing on data that can help you drive more calls and generate more revenue.

Once you’re able to differentiate the campaigns that work from the ones that don’t, your marketing team can decide where to invest more. By knowing which campaigns convert users into making phone calls, you get a clear idea of how to compare campaigns and ultimately get rid of campaigns that don’t convert. This is very easy thanks to Aloware’s comparison reports:

Aloware Actionable Call Tracking Reports Tool

Engagement Reports

Aloware has built-in engagement reports that provide actionable and vanity metrics that you may customize in order to analyze your calls the way you see fit. This data can later be used to grow sales and develop your business. This is done through tagging calls by your reps (like how many actually converted into sales) and also monitoring the disposition of the calls (like how many were missed). As always, data comes on a per-campaign level and can be stacked together to compare multiple campaigns:

Aloware Call Tracking Engagement Report Tool

What’s the deal with Actionable anyways? Can’t we just use the number of calls that came in with Excel?

Now, actionable metrics are important for businesses to get a hold of. This is because knowing which metrics correlate with your revenue helps you adjust your overall marketing strategy. For example, if the marketer used $100 to show an ad to 100 people and only 10 people made phone calls to the company, your cost per conversion is $10. You can now use this data to plan another campaign similar to the previous one knowing how much budget to allocate on an ad and an idea on how many people will convert via that ad. Several businesses fail to grow due to inaccurate data and vanity metrics. Once you’re ready to rise above the competition, give Call Tracking a spin and see the results for yourself.

Did you know?

A new report published by BIA/Kelsey predicts that phone calls from mobile search to businesses will reach 73 BILLION (yes, with a B!) in 2018, up from 30 billion in 2013. Get Aloware today and start tracking your calls.